Cosmetic Dermatology, Trichology and Gynaecology

Cosmetic Dermatology focuses on the improvement, enhancement and appearance of skin, hair and nails aesthetically, artistically and cosmetically. Treatments at Advanced Dermatology (ADCS) range from deep cleansing, refreshing, rejuvenating, and restoring skin texture and tone, to reducing skin imperfections. Dermatological diseases or abnormalities such as eczema, contact with allergens, irritants, and bacteria trapped in pore and hair follicles. These incorporate textural irregularities, acne, scars, stretch marks, skin discolouration and dermatitis, wrinkles, skin inflammation scars, pigmentation changes. Immune-dermatology (immune system problems can cause dermatitis, hives and may develop several kinds of cancers). Dermal filers and injectable   (Botox cosmetic, collagen treatment, microlipoinjection etc.) reduce the appearance of skin wrinkling.
Dry scalp can cause dandruff .Treatment for hair conditioning includes use of medicated and mild shampoo, scalp massage, vitamin B6 and B12 supplements use. Hair restoration means some form of reversal of hair-loss either by regrowing the hair, replacing the hair surgically, or replacing the hair cosmetically. Surgical hair restoration procedures include Follicular unit transplant (FTU), follicular unit extraction (FEU).Non-surgical hair restoration procedure include scalp micropigmentation. Several factors associated with Hair loss or alopecia these may be improper diet, microbial infection etc. Hair miniaturization is the hormone-driven biological process in which hair shrink in size over time, eventually leaving a bald scalp. To strengthen hair and to improve the hair texture keratin treatment is general recommended.
The aim of cosmetic gynaecology is to improve the physical appearance or functionality of the labia and vagina. It covers a variety of surgical procedures including labia reduction or labiaplasty, vaginal tuck, vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation and hymenoplasty whereas in non-surgical procedure such as thermiva instead of using surgical instruments a cosmetic gynaecologist will use radio frequency to treat the intimate tissues, including the labia and vagina.

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